This project is the central development list and overview of all projects for the new and underlying systems.

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Raising issues

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Reusable content for the web based off Visual Framework templates. static html pages

Static HTML pages generated by Eleventy. News site

A WordPress site that integrates with the ContentHub.

Files site

A WordPress site to hold uncatogerisable image and other binary file assests to be used in git-based sites (like the static-html-pages or across many WordPress sites)

Image assets should be proxied throug the Cloud Image service:

Visual Framework for the EMBL Design Language

EMBL and EMBL-EBI groups and microsites

Deployment procedure

After updates to the theme deployment will only build below dummy sites:

If these sites are good then we can trigger actual sites which I now kept on manual trigger.

How to log in


Enterprise data resource (EDR)

Enterprise data is made avaialble by EMBL IT and is consumed in the ContentHub

Contact persons

Endpoints from BDR (aka EDR, Data Warehouse)

Current available types: "image", "groups", "publications", "people" and "services"

EDR notes

Redirecting from legacy EMBL sites

Redirects (and their tests) and managed in the emblorg/legacy-redirects project (project background).

This project allows us to add 302 (and eventually 301) redirects from to .org without relyin on Fiona/NPS.